Transactional E-Mail Gateway

The Transactional E-Mail Gateway (TEG) allows users to send e-mail and manage mailing lists via a Web-based API or SMTP. TEG accepts instructions from Web clients in the form of JSON (or a combination of JSON and MIME data), and uses that information to construct and deliver e-mail. Messages can be sent in bulk to a mailing list, or customised for individual recipients.

TEG is designed for on-premises installation. If you are searching for hosted transactional e-mail solution (or require a reliable SMTP service for use with TEG or CMail), we recommend SMTP2GO.



Transactional E-Mail Gateway is currently in beta testing. Feel free to download the time-limited beta and provide feedback via our Contact page. TEG runs on Windows amd64 hosts. FreeBSD and Linux support is planned.


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