The Transactional E-Mail Gateway (TEG) allows users to send e-mail and manage mailing lists via a Web-based API. TEG accepts instructions from clients in the form of JSON (or a combination of JSON and MIME data), and uses that information to construct and deliver e-mail. Messages can be sent in bulk to a mailing list, or customised for individual recipients.

TEG is designed for on-premises installation, with the option of adding remote delivery agents. Agents will use minimal resources, making them ideal for deployment in cloud-based infrastructure.



A public beta of the Transactional E-Mail Gateway should be available in the near future. If you are insterested in participating in the beta programme, please contact me (latimer@orcon.net.nz). Presently, TEG runs on Windows and is close to being feature complete. Porting to FreeBSD is planned prior to the initial beta, with Linux support to follow. Additional documentation is also required.