CMail Change Log

CMail 0.8.6 - (LibreSSL 3.5.3) - 27 September 2022

Feature: CMail can now DKIM sign e-mail, including signing preconstructed e-mail on delivery.
Feature: Added a -return-path option to set the envelope address.
Feature: CMail can now use AUTH OAUTHBEARER if the user provides an access token. Support is activated using the -oauth option. The password in -host must contain the OAuth token.
Notice: CMail will no longer attempt to send e-mails if authentication fails.
Miscellany: CMail will now accept 25x status on e-mail completion. Addresses an issue reported by a user, but further details were not provided when requested. The RFC states in the description that a server will return 250 on success, so technically the server is sending the wrong status code, but 2xx is a 'success' code nonetheless.
Miscellany: Minor MIME layout changes.

CMail 0.8.5 - (LibreSSL 3.5.3) - 20 May 2022

Fix: Data corruption when sending pre-constructed messages (x86 only).
Miscellany: Changed MIME encapsulation for simple messages to avoid them showing as having attachments (client-specific behaviour).

CMail 0.8.4 - (LibreSSL 3.4.2) - 3 January 2022

Fix: Possible crash or authentication failure using CRAM-MD5 authentication.
Feature: Certificates can now be verified using the -verify setting.
Miscellany: Display names in headers such as To and Cc no longer default to the e-mail address when a value isn't provided. This was done in the past as some mail filters eroneously associated the lack of a display name with spam. CMail now includes only the e-mail address.

CMail 0.8.3 - (LibreSSL 3.2.3) - 30 December 2020

Fix: Possible timeout when sending e-mail without TLS. Observed in an unreleased FreeBSD build. Windows builds may also be affected.
Documentation: New online usage documentation layout.
Miscellany: Message recommending the use of -starttls instead of -secureport has been removed as this isn't an option for some users.

CMail 0.8.2 - (LibreSSL 3.1.3) - 17 July 2020

Documentation: Fix incorrect encoding of documentation.

CMail 0.8.1 - (LibreSSL 3.1.3) - 12 July 2020

Fix: Credentials from the config file were not overridden if an alternate host without credentials was specified on the command line.
Fix: Attachments with non-ASCII file names failed to attach.
Feature: Added -timeout option to allow users to specify a socket timeout.
Documentation: Added documentation for the -dd setting.
Documentation: Corrected description of the -mdn setting to indicate the setting works in all modes.

CMail 0.8.0 (LibreSSL 3.0.2) - 3 May 2020

Feature: IDN and UTF8 (SMTPUTF8) e-mail address support added.
Feature: Recipients can now be imported from file using -to:@filename syntax.
Feature: Passwords are no longer logged when using -d.
Feature: Passwords can be stored in an encrypted form.
Feature: CMail can now send preconstructed e-mail messages such as those created using the -file option. Headers can be added/deleted and standard headers updated without editing files.
Feature: STARTTLS now automatically used if authentication is not possible without TLS.
Feature: Improved code page support.
Feature: Automatic conversion to UTF-8 for message bodies, custom headers and from, to, cc and reply-to display names.
Miscellany: Removed -charset, now specified with -body-file setting.
Miscellany: The -smtp-transparency option has been renamed -dotstuff.
Miscellany: OpenSSL replaced with LibreSSL.


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